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Birthday party favors, in our opinion, may be where the idea for party favors originated. Unique birthday party favors, however, are harder to come by these days. Let's look at some of the most popular birthday celebrations:

Child's 1st Birthday
Sweet 16 Birthday
21st Birthday
30th Birthday
40th Birthday (Over the Hill!)
50th Birthday
Above 50...

Birthday Party Favor Ideas Each of these birthday celebrations represents an important milestone in life. Obviously, the birthday party favor ideas we will share with you can be amended for any age, but we'll focus on the milestones mentioned above for unique birthday party favor ideas.

While each milestone will have its own page with favor ideas, let's start by looking at some general decisions you need to make for each type of party.

Child's 1st Birthday. Are you designing your child's party around a specific theme or character? Or is the theme going to simply be "1"? You'll also need to think about the attendees. Usually, at a child's first birthday, many of the guests are adults. Do you want to have a set of favors appropriate for children and one set appropriate for adults? Or do you want the favor to be one that all ages can enjoy?

Sweet 16 Birthday. Obviously, the gender of your 16-year-old will influence party decisions. While for a girl you may focus on coming-of-age as a young woman, for a boy you might focus on getting a driver's license (state appropriate). Will the party be for other teens or for family? The age group will affect the favor decision.

21st Birthday. Is everyone at the party of legal drinking age? If not, the party favors should NOT include anything alcoholic. If it is a 21 and over party, favors geared towards legal drinking are okay. HOWEVER, if you plan to serve alcohol at this party, all guests should have designated drivers or you should provide a taxi-service. Drinking and driving is dangerous and should not be allowed or overlooked. Ever.

30th Birthday. 30 isn't really "old" yet so you probably won't go for the "over-the-hill" theme. Think about decorating with the guest of honor's favorite colors, hobbies, etc.

40th Birthday. This is the beginning of the "over-the-hill" theme so feel free to go crazy in that direction! Think about personalized birthday party favors with a picture of the guest of honor before "over-the-hill" and then currently. But be sure the birthday boy or girl is okay with poking a little age-related fun!

50th Birthday. Look at this birthday as a milestone marker of the highest degree. Similar to a "golden anniversary," possibly plan this party to show the beginning of the "golden years."

For specific, unique birthday party favors of each milestone, simply click on the link!

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