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We cover many party favor ideas on our site with our goal being to help all you planners make your own party favors! This section is going to be for any adult party favors you may need in various party themes.

Adult Party Favors

For example -

Religious (Bar mitzvah party favors, Batmitzvah party favors, Baptism party favors)

Anniversary (25th wedding anniversary party favors, 50th anniversary party favors)

Girls Night Out (Tea Party Favors, Spa Party Favors)

Life Milestones (Retirement party favors)

Fun Party Themes (Western party favors, Golf party favors, Mexican party favors)

As with any type of party, you'll want to figure out your party favor budget. You'll also want to figure out whether or not you want to make your own party favors or purchase party favors wholesale online.

Religious - Even though you will be tailoring your adult party favors to a specific ceremony or religious event, a couple of things stand true for all of these types of favors. (1) You want the favors to be tasteful, appropriate, and understated. This means you don't want loud, bright colors or favors that make noise, flash, or draw attention to themselves. Respect the seriousness of the occasion at the same time you are thanking your guests for attending.

Anniversary - We'll focus on the silver and gold anniversaries, but any of our adult party favor ideas can be modified to fit your anniversary. And please note, we ABSOLUTELY think you should celebrate all anniversaries in style! Whether it be 5, 10, 15, or and your significant other deserve a little back-patting for sticking together through thick and thin!

Girls Night Out - We LOVE LOVE LOVE writing about these events! Girls always know how to take care of their friends, after all, let's be honest - the women are the ones mostly creating perfect party favors for family events. When it's time for the ladies to pamper themselves, who better to create the most unique party favors for her girlfriends than a fellow gal?! As we get feedback from our wonderful female visitors, and spend a little time participating in various girls nights' ourselves, we'll update this section!

Life Milestones - There are SO many major events in life and we will try to cover as many of them as we can Wink

Fun Party Themes - Consider this category "everything but the kitchen sink!" We'll cover parties from your Mexican fiesta to your dad's golf party! And be sure to let us know via our contact page if there is an event we've missed which you need help planning!

Party Favor Ideas for all Occasions



Girls Night Out

Life Milestones

Fun Party Themes

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