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Kids Birthday Party Favors

While all party favors for kids are fun to create, kids birthday party favors are definitely the most common.

Not only are they the most commonly created, they are also the most commonly sought-after for ideas by frantic moms trying to get each favor just right. Kids Birthday Party Favors 1

Before you get theme-specific, you'll want to visit the general kids party favor ideas page for advice and ideas about how to get started. After you have done that, it's time to get down to the serious business of creating the perfectly themed party favor for your child's birthday!

Current Most Popular Themes

Sesame Street Party Favors

Pirate Party Favors

Princess Party Favors

Bowling Party Favors

Elmo Party Favors

Kids Birthday Party Favors 2 Pokemon Party Favors

Baseball Party Favors

Football Party Favors

Sports Party Favors

Train Party Favors

Tinkerbell Party Favors

John Deere Party Favors

Dora Party Favors

Magic Party Favors

Toy Story Party Favors

By no means is this list exhaustive and we will continually update the "Most Populars" as they come in. For now, let's start with these.

Getting Started: Party Favors for Kids Birthdays

To begin, you'll need to figure out exactly how many kids you will have at the party, including your own child. Then you'll need to add TWO extra favors for drop-in guests. I know you don't think this will happen but it does!

Next figure out if you need different types of treats in each favor or if they can all be the same. For example, if you have a party where a few under-one-year-olds will be present, you can't expect to give them the same treats as the four-year-olds. Also, if you have an even spread of boys and girls and would like to accommodate gender, now is the time to make this decision.

Personalized Kid Party Favor Plan to put 2-3 items in the bag and 2-3 treats. If you want to go with generic kids birthday party favors, simply go to the Dollar Store or the party section at Wal*Mart and buy according to your budget. A generic party favor might contain: small bottle of bubbles, a paddle-ball game, a pair of silly sunglasses, a package of fruit snacks, a small candy bar, a ring pop. This is absolutely acceptable if you don't wish to follow a birthday party theme or if you don't have a specific birthday party theme.

After filling the party favor bags or party favor boxes, consider making it a personalized kid party favor. Do this by simply adding the child's name to the box or bag with a tag or stickers. You can make this extra-special by allowing your child personalize the favor themselves!

A Few Things to Think About...

Always be sure you have a favor for your own child when they are under 5-years-old. This sounds silly but a small child watching everyone else get the same thing while he's left out has been the cause of many a party break-down!

If you have leftover favors, either plan to drop them off at the homes of the children who couldn't make it or else send them home with other guests. You don't need them in your house!

Use the kids birthday party favors as a decorative piece during the party!

If you're ready to get theme-specific, click on any of the links in the right-hand column for ideas.

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