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Pokemon Party Favors

Although its heyday was about 10-15 years ago, Pokemon still makes the bestseller video game list in many households. If your little one is a Pokemon fan, there are plenty of Pokemon party favors you can make or buy.

Pokemon Party Favors

If you are planning a Pokemon birthday party, you should give yourself enough time to order your supplies and favors online. Most likely, you will not be able to find this theme in stores. In other words, don't wait until the last minute on this one!

Pokemon Party Favors for Children

Pokemon Pack - Order decks of Pokemon trading cards, collectible Pokemon figures, and Pokemon Pez. Package them in red or yellow party favor boxes or party favor bags. Tie with a bright ribbon and attach a "thank you" card.

Pokeball Cookies - Buy white chocolate-covered Oreo cookies and dip them halfway in a red candy melt to create the Pokemon ball. Or bake circular sugar cookies and ice half-and-half with red and white icing. Here's an example -

Pokeball Cookies

Printables - All kids love coloring! Find and order Pokemon crayons and then print out a variety of favorite Pokemon coloring pages, for example Pikachu. Wrap them up in little scrolls and tie with ribbons. Attach a "thank you" card and the box of crayons to the ribbon. You can find free coloring pages on Printables4kids -

Pikachu Pokemon Printable

Grand Gesture - Depending on the number of guests, consider purchasing one larger item as a favor per guest. These could be a Pokemon DVD or game, a Pokemon backpack, Pokemon book/puzzle, or Pokemon Collector's Item. For a fun twist, purchase a variety of larger items and put them all out for show. Then number each one and have the guests "go bobbing" for their favor by picking out of a hat and winning the favor with the corresponding number!

Meowth's Shiny Coins - Get together a large bowl of old pennies. Set little individual bowls of water out for each child along with a scrubbing sponge. Give them ten minutes to clean as many coins as they can (because the character Meowth likes shiny coins) and the person with the MOST and the SHINIEST coins wins! Prize can be a Pokemon item and the coins can be taken home as favors. For an added twist, give them little Pokemon piggy banks for their shiny coins.

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