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Sesame Street Party Favors

At some point, every child loves Sesame Street. This makes Sesame Street party favors one of the most popular kids birthday party favors. And the great thing about Sesame Street favors? The options are endless!

Sesame Street Party Favors
The main choice for a Sesame-themed party is whether you want to use a mix of characters or just one main character as the focus. If your child loves Elmo, you might consider themeing the party around Elmo only. If your child is a huge Sesame fan in general, pick a handful of characters to use as decorations/favors.

Sesame Street Characters

Bert & Ernie
Oscar the Grouch
Cookie Monster
Big Bird
Abby (Fairy)
There are others but these are the characters you will find most easily when purchasing supplies

The second thing you need to decide is if you wish to make or buy your favors. Handmade party favors are usually more work but if Sesame Street is the theme, this is not the case! Here are a few ideas for a Sesame favor:

Cookie Monster Party Favor

For a character specific theme - Get a bag, box, or bucket in the character's color (Red for Elmo, bright Blue for Cookie Monster). Decide upon 5-7 items to include. For example, you might put in a strip of Sesame Street stickers, a Sesame Street play figure, Sesame Street fruit snacks (or other food item depending on your preference), a bottle of bubbles, a whistle, and a Sesame Street coloring page with Sesame Street crayons. All these items can be found at stores such as Walmart or The Dollar Store.

For a Sesame mix theme - Get bags, boxes, or buckets in primary colors (see picture above) such as yellow, blue, red, and green. Make tags to attach to the favor that include the child's name and a sticker of a Sesame Street character. In the favor, include any of the items above plus any additional favor items you feel are age-appropriate (pencils, silly glasses, bouncy balls, playdoh, candy, slinky, etc).

Buying premade favors - If you don't feel like you have the time or inclination to create your own Sesame Street party favors, you can certainly purchase them from a variety of sites. A few of our favorites can be found at the bottom of this page.

Sesame Street Favor Set
Sesame Street Favor Set

Sesame Street Alphabet Party Favor Box
Sesame Street Alphabet Party Favor Box

Elmo Favor Set
Elmo Favor Set

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