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Toy Story Party Favors

Toy Story has been a hit since it's introduction in 1995. Now, in 2011, the craze has been restored with Buzz and Woody's newest adventure to daycare. I watched it with my little brother and now I'm watching the same characters again with my son. I love it!
Toy Story Party Favors

Toy Story may have begun as a little boy's dream, but with the induction of Jessie and Bullseye into the gang, little girls have caught the fever as well. Our ideas below work for both.

Packaging the favor - Buy Toy Story party favor bags from any major retailer (Walmart, Kmart, Target, Toys R Us). If you'd rather have boxes, buy them in primary colors like bright blue, red, yellow, and green. Find Toy Story stickers and affix them on the boxes. To personalize, add the guests' names. A fun twist is to buy bright bandannas and use them to hold the favors (tied with a ribbon). If you really have the time and funds, buy mini-cowboy/girl hats, flip them upside down and put the favors in the hat hole.

Inside the Favor holder - any combination of - sheriff's badge, TS fruit snacks, mini TS figures (can buy them in sets and separate them for favors), mini Etch-a-Sketches, TS sticker sheet, bubbles, TS water bottles/cups, TS Pez, TS pens/pencils, TS coloring book & crayons, TS tattoos, TS kaleidoscopes.

Edible TS favors - cookies and cupcakes can be created in any of the TS characters' shapes. Check out these

Buying premade Toy Story party favors

A few options for premade favor kits and TS party supplies...

Co-featuring the TS stars, Buzz & Woody. Buy a Toy Story 3 Deluxe Favor Set for your party!

Looking for a all-in-one kit to decorate for the party? Get a Toy Story 3 Table Decorating Kit .

Too busy to be creative? It's great to have the work done for you. Get a Toy Story 3 Birthday Box!

A few different items you might want to purchase separate to create your own favors - Toy Story 3 Drum Paddle Ball, Toy Story 3 Kids Sunglasses, Toy Story Sling Bag, Toy Story 3 Tattoos, and Toy Story Rubber Bracelets. Clicking on any of these links will direct you to many other options for TS items to add to your favors.

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